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LOMOS® height adjustable bathtub & shower stool with rotating seat, stop function and SoftPad

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LOMOS® height adjustable bathtub & shower stool with rotating seat, stop function and SoftPad

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Product description

  • Stable adjustable bathtub and shower stool with rotating seat for high comfort, flexibility and mobility
  • Product dimension: adjustable from 41 cm to 58 cm; Seating surface: 32 cm in diameter
  • Capacity: Max. 100 Kg
  • High seating comfort due to cushioned softpad seat made of PU foam that is easy to maintain
  • Non-slip legs cater for maximum stability
  • Designed without sharp components
  • Simple structure and adjustment with comprehensive instructions

LOMOS® products cater for safe and comfortable bathing and support older or handicapped people in their independence. 

Articles of this product range are manufactured with the highest focus on quality and functionality.

The seat of the bathtub and shower stool is designed as a turntable that you can easily rotate it in four different positions (all 90 degrees) using grab handles on the side. Thanks to the pivot mechanism under the seat, it is easily possible to rotate the seat (360 degrees) making you flexible and agile. 

The SoftPad made of PU foam is easy to clean. It provides a comfortable seating position and ensures hygienic drying.

Due to the adjustable aluminium stool legs, the bathtub and shower stool is very stable and can be quickly set as per individual requirement. Non-slip legs cater for maximum stability. The bathtub stool was designed without sharp components. It can be set up with the help of the accompanying instruction manual. The material is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with each standard detergent or disinfectant.

If you purchase a LOMOS® product you will also be supporting the project "One Percent For The Children".

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